Shadows' cut-outs, 2022.
A work that evolved during my stay at the Cycladic Arts on Paros island. 


In July 2022, I was invited for a short stay at the Cycladic Arts Residency on the island of Paros in Greece. The powerful light of the Aegean islands prevented me from working with the images I had brought with me. The Mediterranean sun flattened all volume, dissolving matter into dense shadows and eye-burning light. I began to trace the dancing black-and-white thresholds of the plants in the garden. Oregano, laurel, sage, oleander, and plants whose names escaped me. Their shadows were densely present. The details I observed seemed flattened, tracing ephemeral landscapes on the ground. 

As I traced these shapes, I felt as if I was entering into a meditation. The piercing song of the cicadas accompanied my gesture throughout the day. Perhaps this was their last chance to reproduce before dissolving in the heat. The interplay between light and shadow encompassed my body. My eyes were aching as I tried to trace my subjects and my skin was pierced by the sun's rays that shone until late in the afternoon. I felt the light slowly imprinting the clothes on my skin. Everything was part of the game between the darkness and this light that attacked, engulfed and germinated forms to the rhythm of its dance. 

Cut out and covered with graphite, these forms play with the absence of the traced form and their own material presence, which once again produces shadows.